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Roll-ups (All Mixed)

Monday and Wednesday afternoons are considered to be club roll-up afternoons throughout the season. 

From May to September, a separate aggregate competition will be run on both days where each individual’s 14 best scores will count.

Anyone wishing to play must have their name on the list by 1.00 pm for 1.30 pm start.

Payment (£1) is to be made prior to playing and approximately half of this (dependent on rounding to make the sums easy) forms the prize money for the winning team on the day.

Skips will be chosen first then each player will pick a disc to designate the rink and position where he/she will play.

There will be no trial ends, all shots will count on every end.

Social Bowling may take place  during the week and at weekend providing the greens are not required for organised competitions / leagues - always check the Club Diary for availability.


Social Bowling       Smart Casual Dress. Flat shoes eg: Trainers

Roll Ups / Leagues  Greys – trousers/shorts or skirts. Club shirts, white or predominantly white tops

When the club is playing against visiting teams e.g. Cumbria Lads & Lasses, ALL members of the team to wear the Club shirt.

When playing in a Club Competition or representing the Club in an “inter Club in-County event”, each member can choose to wear either a white, predominately white or Club shirt.

White Bermuda or dress shorts can be worn in Club Competitions and Roll ups.

White or club caps/sun visors can be worn.

Shoes/Trainers  grey, brown or white are permitted but ideally they should not be put on before arriving at the green.

Waterproofs when worn, should be white.

The wearing of SANDALS is prohibited due to Health and Safety rules.

Whites to be worn with Club tops when playing in Finals or Competitions that are played to a Final.

National rules regarding dress code apply for County Finals.

Dress for Fixed Day County Competitions are as specified in the County Handbook

Dress for County Championships which qualify for National Championships are laid down under Rule 8  County Championship and Competition Rules.

To conform to Bowls England rulings, when representing the Club in a National Competition, e.g. Top Club, all members of the team shall wear similar shirts, either white/cream, predominately white or club colour above the waist.

“Predominately white” is a white shirt which may include panels in the registered Club Colour.  White is either a full white shirt or that which includes minimal coloured lettering of the manufacturer’s logo. 

Club colour/shirt is the colour/shirt registered with Bowls Lancashire and Bowls England.