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Thank you for your interest in joining Southport Flat Green Bowling Club

What types of membership do we offer:-

Full membership subscription is £100 which includes £60 club fee, £30 greens maintenance fee and £10 affiliation fee to Bowls Lancashire.  This entitles you to bowl whenever you wish when the green is available.

Fees are subject to alteration at an A.G.M.

Please note the 50% discount offer for new players

Junior membership  for Under 19s is £10 (to cover the affiliation fee for Bowls Lancashire). 19 to 24 year olds is £50: (£10 Joining Fee, £30 towards Green Maintenance and £10  BE Affiliation Fee)


Social Membership is £15 which entitles you to use the Clubhouse and its facilities, but not to play in organized Club Roll-ups etc.  However, you can pay the normal hourly rate and bowl with friends on the Public green (B green), but generally Social members are non-bowling relatives or friends of Full Member